JasperReports Server 4.0.0 Release

JasperReports Server Community Project is a high-performance, standalone and embeddable Business Intelligence (BI) platform that provides rich reporting capabilities. In addition, Jaspersoft OLAP provides OLAP data analysis, running on the same shared BI platform.

What’s new in JasperReports Server 4.0.0

Product Naming
Several changes have been made to Jaspersoft’s product names; in particular:

  • The former “JasperServer” is called “JasperReports Server”
  • The former “JasperAnalysis” is called “Jaspersoft OLAP”

Improved User Interface
The usability and look and feel of the JasperReports Server web user interface has been improved to simplify many user tasks and to make it more visually appealing. The underlying framework introduced as part of this feature (Jaspersoft Interface Framework (JIF)) allows the application’s look and feel to be modified more quickly and easily than in previous releases. Note that some types of customization may need to be implemented in a different way in this version than in previous versions.

Application Themes
JasperReports Server now supports the ability to define themes for the web interface that control its look and feel. These themes take advantage of JIF to let users define Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), images, and other graphical elements of the application. Themes can stored in the repository and can be updated without the need to restart the server.

Macintosh Installer Support
This release includes a new installer for Macintosh computers. For more information, refer to the Installation Notes section of this doc and to the JasperReports Server Installation Guide.

Installer Components Updated
The JasperReports Server installers have been updated to provide more current applications:

  • Tomcat has been updated from 5.5 to 6.0
  • MySQL has been updated from 5.0 to 5.1
  • Java has been updated from 1.5 to 1.6

Buildomatic Ant Install Scripts Updated
In addition to the binary installers (Windows, Linux, and Mac) the buildomatic installation files have been upgraded with “auto-install” and “auto-upgrade” batch/shell scripts. Now a single properties file and a single script execution complete most steps for installing or upgrading the server.

Updated OLAP Engine
This release includes a new version of Mondrian, the OLAP engine underlying Jaspersoft OLAP. The new version of Mondrian is 3.2.0. Major improvements include:

  • Improved native performance
  • olap4j drill through support
  • Improved XML/A support
  • Greenplum Dialect
  • Improved parameter support

Execute-only Permission
A new level of access has been added for repository objects. Execute-only permission gives administrators finer control over what users see in the repository. As in a file system, execute-only permission allows regular users to access resources at run-time but not browse or search for them in the repository. For example, placing data sources in an execute-only folder allows users to run reports and access the data, but hides the data sources from the end user. Administrators can use the execute-only permission to hide supporting resources so that end-users interact with only reports, dashboards, and OLAP views in the repository.

Log Setting Page
The new log settings page, accessible to administration users by clicking Manage > Log Settings, lets you change the logging levels without restarting JasperReports Server.

New JasperReports version 4.0.0 is included in JasperReports Server
A new CSV query executer is added to simplify the configuring of CSV data sources. Also, a new CSV metadata exporter has been added to better control the CSV export.