How to configure SNMP in Solaris

Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) is a protocol for monitoring or collecting information from servers, storage, switches, firewall and etc using Internet Protocol (IP) network.

Solaris have included two packages for SNMP namely System Management Agent (sma) and Sun Solstice Enterprise Master Agent (snmpdx). To check whether these two included or which one is active, we can check using the following command.

root@server:/# svcs -a | grep snmpdx
disabled Jun_08 svc:/application/management/snmpdx:default
root@server:/# svcs -a | grep sma
online Jun_18 svc:/application/management/sma:default

It is recommended to use “sma” service. You can update the config or change “community string” in the config file (snmpd.conf) located in /etc/sma/snmp/ directory.