OpManager Report on last pulled values

OpManager LogoThe following SQL will extract the data that shows the last pulled value for all performance monitors. This will help us to identify which monitor does not getting proper / correct data from device.

mysql -u root -P 13306 OpManagerDB
SELECT agent,name,val FROM polleddata LEFT OUTER JOIN statsdata_daily ON id=pollid WHERE nameNOT LIKE 'if%' AND (val IS NULL OR val='0')
GROUP BY agent,name,val order by agent,name;

If want to redirect the output to a csv file, put the following command at the end of the SQL statement.

INTO OUTFILE 'C:\\filename.csv'

Note: Exclude the “ENCLOSED BY” if its not required.

OpManager disable alarm if data is not collected

OpManager LogoIf OpManager finds some fault with the data collection on any of the monitors, it will raise an alarm. If you would like to disable the alarm, follow the steps below.

  1. Open the file NmsProcessBE.conf under \OpManager\conf folder.
  2. Search for the entry “CLEAN_DATA_INTERVAL 999999“.
  3. At the end of the line add the entry “GENERATE_DATACOLL_EVENT false“.
  4. Save it and restart the OpManager.

Sun Cluster Commands

Sun Cluster is a high-availability cluster software product for the Solaris Operating System, created by Sun Microsystems. The following are Sun Cluster command cheat sheet for System Administrator reference.

How to check cluster information?

root@server: scstat

How to change cluster group resource to Online / Offline?

  • To bring Online
    root@server: scswitch -Z -g
  • To bring Offline
    root@server: scswitch –F –g

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How to create user account in Solaris

If you’re coming from Linux flavor, you might notice creating user account in Solaris slightly different as you need to provide few options as this is commonly ignored in Linux.

useradd [-c comment] [-d dir] -m [-g group] -s /bin/bash <login_name>

-c comment
Any text string. It is generally a short description of the login. Please put the user’s full name.

-d dir
The home directory of the new user. Usually the directory is /export/

-g group
New user’s primary group membership. We can get the group name from /etc/group file.Read More